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RIP Naya Rivera


The body found at a Southern California lake has been identified as former "Glee" actress Naya Rivera, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said during a press conference Monday.

The body was discovered Monday morning at Lake Piru, where it was found floating in the northeast area of the lake where the water is between 35 and 60 feet deep, Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub said. "We are confident the body we found is that of Naya Rivera," Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub said, adding "there is no indication of foul play or that this was a suicide." The body is being taken to Ventura County Coroner's Office, where it will be identified through dental records. Ayub said the sheriff's department has been "in direct contact" with Rivera's family.

So sad, glad they found her though for her family. Will be missed. I always loved her as Santana on Glee. Now I feel a marathon coming on soon.
RIP Naya Rivera
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Promo Time -Tvmovie20in20 - Round 17

Tvmovie20in20. Here we have challenges based around Movies and T.V. shows. You can claim anything having to do with either. For TV Shows you can also choose seasons or even one season, and you can choose a character or multiple, that also goes for pairings. Those same things apply for movies as well. If your unsure just ask on the round signups posts.

Please read these rules as well as the information before signing up. This round is a free round, you can claim any movie or TV show you want to. This is a SPECIAL round. You can claim two things. You can claim two TV shows and do 10 icons each or claim 2 movies and do 10 icons of each claim. Or you can claim a movie and the other 10 claim a TV Show.

Round 17 Sign-Ups
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Promo Time - Tvmovie20in20

Signups are open for the duration of this round. :)

Round Information - There are no claims this round! This is a special round, so you don't need to make a claim, just sign up with your username! So no themes, cat and ac, but only 20 textures! In this round all the textures will be provided by me. You just have to do movies or shows or both, or even just one show or one movie or whatever you want it's up to you!

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