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I'm taking part in ! People make "stocking" posts, and others can come and give small gifts of all sorts. Gifts can be in the form of art, comics, fic, vids, fanmixes, icons, and other graphics AND/OR nice notes or small letters. Headcanons, meta dumps, fic/fanart recs, even recipes are welcome!

Stockings are open through December 21.

Here is my stocking and
Here's the full stockings list!
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If I Could Be A

Snagged from Valerie (we ended up with a few of the same answers) :)

☆ If I Could Be A Month ☆
I would be... October.

☆ If I Could Be A Day Of The Week ☆
I would be... Thursday.

☆ If I Could Be A Moment Of The Day ☆
I would be... Sunset and night time.

☆ If I Could Be A Planet ☆
I would be... Jupiter.

☆ If I Could Be An Animal ☆
I would be... Fox.

☆ If I Could Be A Piece Of Furniture ☆
I would be... Bookcase.

☆ If I Could Be A Drink ☆
I would be... Hot Chocolate.

☆ If I Could Be A Musical Instrument ☆
I would be... A keyboard.

☆ If I Could Be An Emotion ☆
I would be... Happy.

☆ If I Could Be A Vegetable ☆
I would be... Spinach.

☆ If I Could Be An Element ☆
I would be... Earth.

☆ If I Could Be A Song ☆
I would be... Can't choose one lol.

☆ If I Could Be A Food ☆
I would be... Pizza

☆ If I Could Be A Part Of The Body ☆
I would be... Heart.

☆ If I Could Be A Scent ☆
I would be... Cinnamon.

☆ If I Could Be An Object ☆
I would be... A camera.

☆ If I Could Be A School Subject ☆
I would be... Science.

☆ If I Could Be A Cartoon Character ☆
I would be... Bugs Bunny or Marvin The Martian.

☆ If I Could Be A Geometric Figure ☆
I would be... Triangle.

☆ If I Could Be A Number ☆
I would be... 31 or 666.

☆ If I Could Be A Country ☆
I would be... New Zealand.
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Any active tree comms?

Any active tree comms? We used to have the xmas_under the tree and a few others where you get graphics presents and such from other artists. Was wondering if those are still active?

Dreamwidth is fine as well, since I now created a new username: culber.
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Paul/Hugh from Star Trek Discovery. Yup, I'm obsessed with them as each characters and a couple. I find them more fascinating then the regular couples. Going through fanfic on A03 like crazy. I NEED more! I've got so many ideas for fanfics for them, but I never wrote Trek and would suck at it. I wish their was some Discovety or Paul/Hugh fanfic threads, library archieves or fic finders or prompt treads out their.