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Need to start eating 3 meals a day again, or at least 2. I wake up to late for breakfast, and by the time it's lunch it's way to hot to want to make anything or cook. Think that's why I keep getting headaches. Only ate dinner tonight around 6, and still got a headache. Been drinking plenty of water. So I think that is why. So over these daily headaches. Surprised I have not had a migraine lately.

Rusty has been acting strange like he usually does when there is fireworks, thunder or someone here. But non of that has happened, it's weird. Can't figure out why he is acting like that, been staying in front of my door in the hallway since my aunt and sister went to shoot pool. Just hope he doesn't keep barking all night, my headache so does not need that. And it's the whine/howl type of barking too.

Poor guy, he came into my room around 8:30 and is still there.

Does anyone know any good icon tutorials for Adobe Photoshop CS6? Only found one so far and it's for animation. Gonna try and be more active on here and on LJ with commenting and posting. Just with 3 20in20 communities, daily life and headaches, it's hard to do much else. Lol, I actually forgot I made a graphics community for my stuff, that's how busy I have been with the 20in20 communities. Hope everyone's day has been better then mine.
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