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Just so irritating!

Damn internet not working all week, was out for 2 days. And now going slow as hell or not working and kicking me off. I keep telling my aunt and uncle I need to be hooked up to the modem since wireless won't work well in my room since my aunt moved the damn modem downstairs to the kids playroom. Why the fuck she moved it back down there I'll never know.

Got yet another headache, had them for everyday last weekend and this week thus far. 2 migraines this week and weekend. Can't wait for fucking summer to be over, this heat in California is not good for me. No offense to those that love summer, I'm more of a fall gal myself. I like the crisp cool air anytime! I think I get less headaches during the fall, will have to see about that.

My club is doing another fan run table at the Long Beach convention. A member got tickets cheap for $20 bucks for those who volunteer. But as I am not good at talking to strangers, I don't think I will go. I don't mind manning the table with others, passing out flyers. But getting me to talk to people, yeah no thanks. That and I also want to try and get a better phone next month, and we have quite a few birthdays next month as well. I swear Ticia tried to have a kid for every day of September it seemed like. William Shatner is supposed to be in attendance at the convention, but I doubt anyone could try and get tickets to meet him. They are probably expensive as hell. Ticia is doing a join birthday for her two youngest kids, Veronica and Savannah. I guess Savannah wanted a Fidget Cube whatever the fuck that is) and I asked her if she wanted a slime kit, since she is stuck on slime phase at the moment. So those are two options to get her. Right now her phases are fidget spinners and slime making. She's got quite the growing collecting for those damn spinners. I just don't see the appeal.

So it most likely looks like I am skipping next month's convention, but will be going to Stan Lee's convention in October like we usually do, Connie and Allen plan on going. I just hope it ain't as jammed pack and disappointing as last year. It's only saving grace was seeing baby and meeting Jim Beaver. That made the whole disappointing day worth while, and I hope I don't see another damn weed both there. I mean come on, it's a family oriented convention. We do not need that shit there. Instead of buying a new costume for Halloween, I might just go in a old costume and save up for that convention.

This heat wave three digits thing is killing me, to those in California or even Southern California stay hydrated as much as you can. Prayers to those in Texas, we have a friend that went out there for her birthday and is stuck out there for the time being. Sad what is happening out there. I learned last time she actually lives up the road from us, we have books in common and always talk about what we have read when we meet up at family events.

Tempted to start either a Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries marathon. I'll probably only do up to season 4 or 5 on Supernatural if I pick that, have not liked the seasons after those all that much to be honest. Anyone else feel like that? Oh if anyone is on Neopets (Anciently)or even Skype (jayckles), feel free to add me!

Hope everyone is having a safe and good week. :)

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