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Yesterday and tonight's game night/putlock....

Got my game night/putlock Christmas party tonight. Not really in the mood to do anything today, but I helped plan and put to much into it to not go. Maybe it will make me feel better to be away from everyone and around friends, I just hope some of the guys don't act like assholes most of the night like they do sometimes.

Anyone else not feeling the Christmas spirit this year? I think it's cause I might have to wait to get some gifts on the first cause I ran out of money unless my uncle can help out, but they got taxes to do. So I'll probably end up having to wait till the 1st. This whole month has just been bleh for me for some reason, so ready for it to be over with. My internet connection is still being a bitch, always setting at one bar or less on my computer. And not my phone is acting that way too. Not sure if it had to do with the Santa Anna winds today or not.

Told my aunt about Greenspot Farms for free Santa photos for kids and Christmas hayride. I wanted to go so I could take photos of Veronica with Santa. But she decided their going tonight on the night of my game night, so that also put me in sour mood. I swear this house and family puts me into weird moods sometimes....Seems like they invited my uncle's daughter and their family, so their all going up their.I'm hoping my game night will put me in a better mood. Even if I don't got Connie, Allen's and Rose's gifts yet.

Were also doing a gift exchange tonight at game night. And only Kathy, myself, David and Jason bought gifts. So Kathy and I bought other small gifts for everyone to participate, and we bought a couple more yesterday with Connie's help. Had a bit of a girls day with that, Kathy had to go shopping for her thing she is bringing for the putlock dinner. I'm bringing fried chicken and potato salad myself. So we went to like 3 different stores and still bought some extra gifts, and some fun hats and stuff for everyone to wear. Don't worry I'll be taking pictures, and will probably post some.

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