July 20th, 2017

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Round: 95 Steve Rogers

20 Steve Rogers (from all movies) icons for character20n20

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The Originals Ending :(

So sad about this right now The Originals to End After Season 5

Julie Plec announced on Twitter on Thursday, The Originals is set to end after season five. Season five is set to air in 2018.

It's bad enough that The Vampire Diaries sucked the last few seasons and ended. Supernatural has not been the best, well for me the least for a couple of seasons. And that will be ending next year. Teen Wolf will be completely over soon. Also sucks my favorite host is not on America's Got Talent anymore, and can't stand the new one. Now all I will have left to watch is America's Got Talent, The Flash and WWE. Guess I'll have to try and get back into Arrow and try another hand at Supergirl for things to watching now.