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Blah day & Sunset Photo

Did a Halloween/Fall type special round for tvmovie20in20. I am already almost done with my set, and I just barley put up the themes. :)

Sorry to those I have on FB and Skype for not really talking today or yesterday. Period started Monday. And those who know me, I get bad cramping and sometimes bad nausea. So far it's just been moodiness and cramping, no real nausea yet. Still waiting for that. One moment I am online and comfortable and wanting to get ready to chat, then next my stomach and body feels like shit. Hopefully it will be my last day tomorrow, it should be since I think I started on Monday. Mine only lasts 4 days, but it's pure hell.

Got coloring day/girls day tomorrow, gonna grab Taco Bell $5.00 boxes for our meal for the day. Should be a nice relaxing day hopefully. :)
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