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Glee, Flash & Arrow Fic Recommendations Help

Okay all my Glee, Flash and Arrow fans on my list. Does anyone have any good Blaine goes back to Dalton fics to recommend? Think I read most on AO3, but wouldn't mind reading some again or ones I missed or on other sites. I am more partial to Blaine/Sebastian. And though I read I think all of the Sebastian is the Flash fics, does anyone have any new ones? I'm open to slash pairings, just please no Barry/Iris.

Glee and Flash pairings I love: Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe, Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans, Blaine Anderson/Mike Chang, Blaine Anderson/Rachel Berry (yeah weird I know, even them as siblings instead of pairing), Sebastian Smythe/Cooper Anderson, Caitlin Snow/Barry Allen, Barry Allen/Felicity Smoak, Barry Allen/Kara Danvers, Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, Barry Allen/Oliver Queen, Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne, Eddie Thawne/Iris West, Barry Allen/Patty, Cisco/Lisa, Barry/Oliver/Felicity and Barry Allen/Oliver Queen/Kara Danvers.

Or if you just want to leave recommendations of any of the pairing above, feel free to. :)
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