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Small friends cut done

Did a small friends cut, removed less than what I thought I would. I noticed the following on my profile: FRIENDS 65, FRIEND OF 102, MUTUAL FRIENDS 63. Not sure what is going on there. Either some had not removed me when I removed them, random adds (I hate those and get those enough), or someone just never added me back when they said they would. But nonetheless.

If your on this list and wish to try again, feel free to say so here. Please if you do not wish to try again, remove me from your friends list as well. Thank you. No hard feelings, I just felt we didn't talk a lot or clicked well.

anirishlullaby (never seen a post but Friends Only post?)
moonshayde (last update 2017)
elsieellis (not sure if you were a random add?)

I know I am not the best commenter. But sometimes I have nothing to say on certain posts, or you just post twitter links for someone to follow. But if you are wanting to try again, please let me know and I'll be happy to re-add you. I plan to be me chatty in comments this year. :)
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