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Real Life Updates

Finally back into the swing of things of LiveJournal. Now commenting again and updating. I commented on everyone's latest posts, well those that had one or if I actually had something to say. Need to make some more icons for communities, though learning how to size images properly is still a pain in the ass with the programs I have. Been having a Buffy and Bones marathon, love these shows.

Went to Judy's funeral on the 11th, I knew they would pick a day where I had something planned. I originally was going to attend one of my friends daughter's birthday that day. But I ended up going to the funeral instead, which turned out great. It was a lovely funeral, despite everything. I never cry at funerals, but when Judy's daughter Laticia started singing Amazing Grace, I ended up laughing and crying. Thankfully I wasn't the only one. After the funeral we had the reception at the Eagle's Lodge. I helped watch the kids during part of it with two others, then we watched the video. Afterwards I ended up going home. By then people were getting drunk at the bar, so I knew I did not want to stick around to keeping watching that. Connie suggested to come to the birthday party after the reception. But by the time we were ready to go, which was the same time the birthday party started. I just did not feel like going, felt like going home and sleep.

The weather looked gloomy outside this morning, like it was going to rain. Of course my sister reminded everyone that it's the Orange Show weekend, so naturally it always rains around then. Guess we are needing the rain though, so it can be a good thing I suppose. Have game night on Saturday, it's been a month since we had one. Due to the birthday party, we ended up skipping the one at the beginning of the month. I am so looking forward to this, after everything that's happened.

My cousin Mary was admitted into hospital, being way past due date for the baby to come which was April 17th. Her water broke this afternoon, my aunt has been at the hospital with her and Alex. Still have not heard much news other then that. Guess I will hear sometime tonight.

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