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New Graphics Community

Well I did a Valerie (haha, j/k love ya). Since I can't afford a rename token (or I'd have one for my journal), I remade a new one with a name I am in love with. It's now creepyandkooky, yup you hard it from my favorite TV series and movies from the theme song. Why? I have no idea, I never get many to join. But I figured I'd rather have all my graphics in a community then instead of my journal, it just makes tagging crazy and messy. So that's where all my stock, headers, wallpapers, animated icons, blends and ect are going. Feel free to join or not, I don't mind anyway. Will be doing a bunch of Holiday stock icons soon after the conference and I think I really got back into blending. I so need to get some icons or blinkies made for my new comm somehow. But yeah all my old latest posts are up and available there. Think I might post a lot of my old wallpapers as well and get back into making them, I'm getting new fandoms that need attention lol. Thinking batches of Shadowhunters, New Amsterdam plus some old shows that are ending soon. :)
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