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Well from what I heard today my aunt is doing better. They had done an MRI on her and found dead tissue on the brain, from what my uncle told me and the nurse. She gets to come home today and I guess they will be doing her therapy here.

I didn't go to my friends BBQ/Firework yesterday. Kind of made my aunt mad, and she told me to go to the family Fireworks spot we usually go to so that I could take pictures of Veronica watching her first firework show. At first I didn't want to and ended up falling asleep while it took like 2 hours for everyone to eat and get ready to go. But I finally decided at the end to go and take pictures like my aunt requested. I so was not into 4th July this year, may of been a bit moody. But ended up taking some good shots and videos. Hope everyone who celebrates it had a safe and Happy 4th July yesterday. :)
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