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I was tagged by place_to_hide

1. I have no nickname.
2. My eye color is blue.
3. Light brown. (Miss my blond hair before it turned brown)
4. I have had 8 open heart surgeries.
5. Black.
6. My room.
7. Shit, way to many. But if I had to pick my main one it would be Harrison Ford.
8. Dolphin.
9. Don't have a favorite, mainly because I have to many favorites.
10. Again too many to choose from. But if I really had to it would be Harry Potter.

I tag tiara, red_satin_doll, aliens, domluver, emmatheslayer, florencia7, lotrspnfangirl, laurahonest, blondsehun, small_monkey, madzilla, mahmfic, ladypoe, tarienemrys, nessainwe, spook, verdande_mi, navaan, tempertemper, girlwhowaited.

If you already done this meme, then ignore this. :)

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