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I know I have not really been updating much, aside from icon posts. Or commenting as much as I should of, but this month has been busy. Will start doing both real soon, probably Monday or so next week. Will be going to the FandomVerse Convention in Lancaster next month for Labor Day Weekend September 4- 6, will be staying about a week up there. Got my costume finally in, just need boots and some black pants to go along with it. Got my rooming situation all organized. Thanks to my friend Robin and her husband for letting me stay at there place up there. Will be volunteering at the club table most of the weekend, first time I will be doing that so we will see how that goes. Will definitely be taking lots of pictures then. Can't wait for next month.

Uhhh, so many people been at our house lately, and off and on fights. So tired of all this, and people wonder why I don't care for this family. Only a select few in this family that I actually like and can stand. The others I only tolerate and some I feel sick the moment I see them come in. Anyone else feel that way about certain people? Some of them are actual family, the others in the house are my uncle's family. And out of everyone I only really care for about 11 and we have a big family, yeah I know. But most of them get on my nerves. :)

Here's two shots of my uniform top.

And a shot of game night from last week. Yes we play Dungeons & Dragons. I did not think I would come to enjoy it as much as I have. We seem to play this one the most out of all out games we got. :)

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