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1st Birthday and new friends

Today is little Veronica's 1st birthday. So Happy Birthday Veronica! Can't believe she is already a year old today.

We are having a small party in the evening at Chuck E. Cheese for her. Joy, the one place I do not care for thanks to a lot of screaming and crying kids and not that great food. But since I love Veronica, guess I am going. Thank god for my phone and earbuds. Might even work on some of my fanfic. Will be posting pictures sometime time this week.

We also got rain today. I of course missed it this morning since I was sleeping till 1 this afternoon, but I mainly slept in that late because of yet another headache last night. Hopefully I won't get one today, but I guess I will see.

Welcome to new friends niki1988 and roguem! :)

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