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December Photo A Day Meme

Found this on manic_padagirl's journal. Never done one like this before. So I figure since I love taking photos, might as well participate in this meme. Keep in mind we do not get a lot of snow around here were I live, just in case you were going to do one with that.

Rules - It is the photo a day for the December meme. Claim a date and let me know what you want to see pictures of in my life. You may claim more then one date.

There is still 14 more free dates you can choose from. :)

December 1st: Your favorite book or film from 2015 - verdande_mi
December 2nd: A picture of your favourite place in you home - roguem
December 3rd: A picture of your favorite snack - supernutjapan
December 4th:
December 5th: A picture of you - aravishermione
December 6th:
December 7th:
December 8th:
December 9th:
December 10th: A picture of your desk area - aravishermione
December 11th:
December 12th: Your favourite Jensen (or Jeremy) movie - manic_padagirl
December 13th: Favorite t-shirt - setentpet
December 14th:
December 15th: A picture of your favorite fandom-related object - aravishermione
December 16th: A picture of your movie collection - roguem
December 17th:
December 18th: A picture of your favorite Christmas lights - supernutjapan
December 19th:
December 20th: A picture taken from outside - gallaghers
December 21st:
December 22nd:
December 23rd:
December 24th: Picture of your favorite hobby - emmatheslayer
December 25th: Christmas tree - setentpet
December 26th: Your favourite Christmas present - manic_padagirl
December 27th:
December 28th: A picture of christmas decoratins - roguem
December 29th:
December 30th: Something old that has been in your family long - verdande_mi
December 31st: Your shoes that day (or your favourite shoes!) - gallaghers
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