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Made a new header, got tired of my Easter one being up. Yeah I got a new ship thanks to The Flash/Supergirl crossover. I loved both of them on Glee, and I loved the chemistry between these two in that episode, even though he had to go back to his world, and she kissed that guy that bores me. But yeah, totally love Barry/Kara. I so want to see Barry go to a earth where he has his Glee character's background, and him and Marley or Kara get together. Know that will never happen, but yeah. :)

My Easter was kind of good, could of done without the argument with my aunt right before we left. But other then that and the headache I had the hole day, it was a good day. Took lots of pictures, Cindy still did the pool egg hunt with the older kids. And then we had the baby and toddlers hunt eggs out front in the yard. IEHP or my doctors, not sure which one is stalling. Has still has not approved my medicine I need that helps with my swelling, which has not been helping improve not having headaches when my face swells. Really starting to piss me off. Ticia and the baby are not here for a few days, so it has been peaceful today. Not sure how long they will be with her friend in the mountains. I woke up in such a good mood this morning. I was not woke up by Ticia screaming or yelling excitedly, the baby screaming for the fun of it, or the dogs barking at them for doing those things. Such a peaceful morning. Don't get me wrong, I love my family well some to some extent. But yeah, having so many in a house can drive you insane and to hate people.

Star Wars the Force Awakens came out on DVD today. So want to get it, but think I might just hold off until next month. Got a lot going on this month. Can't wait for the California Science Museum Away Mission for our club on the 16th, the club has been once. But I have not, and it will be great from what I heard. So I will be in Los Angeles all day that day.

Older kids egg hunt in the pool. Family tradition to do plastic Easter eggs with money in them for the bigger kids.

The babies and toddlers egg hunt in the front yard. Of course they get a little help from the bigger kids. :)

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